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RTS Solutions

All the RTS Solutions applications are supported through our training consultants who deliver professional technical training for both administrators and users of our products.

We cater for both experienced and new users and our courses are tailored appropriately.  In most cases our training techniques are hands-on to give both an introduction and practical guidance in using our applications in a normal
day-to-day environment.

In addition to our standard courses, RTS Solutions also develop training material and courses for in-house or bespoke applications.

RTS Solutions provide general courses on fault and incident management
which include:

  • Fault management overview in the rail industry
  • Incident management overview in the road industry
Our training consultants have a wide range of training delivery methods from interactive web based remote access to traditional classroom sessions in either small or large groups. All of our consultants are experts in their particular fields and have 'real world' experience to bring to their training sessions