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RTS Solutions

Applications are usually sold either as SaaS or as a traditional licence and support model. SaaS customers pay a set fee each month which entitles them to typically 20 licences.  RTS has moved most of its tier 1 customers over to a SaaS model. 

RTS also offers a fully integrated range of professional services in four distinct ways across all sectors:

Design and Development:  From production of prototypes through to full project implementation in rail systems, including the use of the latest locational rail database.  Systems include Control Centres, Operational and Safety applications, through to work site / mobile applications.  

Support and Maintenance Services: Provision of up to 24/7 operations, Traditional IT support for level’s 1 to 3 or provision of Software As A Service (SaaS) arrangements.

Consultancy: To help analyse, specify, design, develop, deploy, operate and maintain rail operational applications and other process management software solutions.

Training:  Training modules to support all of our application software products and general courses in our areas of expertise.