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HIMS is a real time incident management system specifically developed for the road industry and contains the required functionality for highways maintenance contractors to carry out incident management activities in a 'real time' environment.

HIMS is currently installed in several highways agency contract areas including the M1, M40 and M25.

HIMS provides automated messaging to mobile phones, ensuring immediate contact with engineers and incident teams, and providing ongoing managed communications throughout the incident life-cycle. By using hand held devices, engineers can work roadside, update the work they have carried out and move on to the next job.

An interactive graphical module displays all open incidents overlaid onto a map which may be integrated with traffic / works management systems to identify the hotspots by location.  Incident support/response units are overlaid onto a colour coded map to identify which units are assigned to high priority incidents.

HIMS can be integrated with other RTS Solutions products such as EAMS or BSIMS.