RTS Solutions

RTS has developed a system in conjunction with National Rail that brings together four disparate systems that is able to automatically govern, approve and manage the plans which are created to deliver projects, operations and maintenance work on the UK rail network. The system checks the risk assessment, the competencies and qualifications of the staff undertaking the work and where the work is going to take place. The system handles 7,000 plans daily and carries a job bank of over 12 months’ worth of activities (132,000 maintenance plans).

By integrating various systems and automating the business process, the application is able to produce the Safe System of Work Plan which is a key requirement before any work can be carried out on the rail network. This plan includes all information relating to Sectional Appendix and National Hazards Directory as described above as well as automatically outlining the core competencies required by employees to carry out the work as well as providing GZAC applications which relate to obtaining a possession order on a section of track so work can safely be carried out.