RTS Solutions

RTS Solutions provides real-time web-based software to support National Rail and the major rail suppliers in meeting their obligations in all aspects of track construction, maintenance and renewals projects by ensuring they manage and deliver all their resourcing (plant machines and people) efficiently and on time.

OTPS enables rail plant suppliers to forecast their future plant and resource utilisation, compare actual vs. planned work site activities and monitor plant machines maintenance and servicing.

The software application supports complex requirements including high output programmes and major construction works through to maintenance works. It ensures all work requests are planned, ordered, resourced and monitored via a single application which ensures conformity to company processes and meets the
safety obligations.

Customers and suppliers are provided with visibility and management reports on the complete end-to-end process from initial work planning to work completion supported by an effective KPI reporting package. 

Users are provided with a real time view of all deployed plant, the rail access points and the stabling locations before and after usage. Common data views of cost and resource allocation provides for efficient utilisation against the plan and high visibility of work performance. 

OTPS forms part of a suite of modular products and can work as a stand alone module or linked to other RTS Solutions products such as: RMS, WIMS and EAMS.