RTS Solutions

OTMS enables rail plant suppliers to efficiently maintain their On-Track Plant and Machines through both planned and unplanned maintenance processes together with fault and defect management.

Shared common data views allow the organisation to manage their cost and resource allocation to ensure efficient utilisation of equipment and high visibility of work performance.

The software application supports complex maintenance requirements to ensure all work requests are planned, ordered, resourced, and monitored via a single application which ensures conformity to company processes providing the ability to meet the required safety and warranty obligations.

Our On Track Maintenance System (OTMS) provides web-based access functionality for both planned and unplanned maintenance procedures incorporating fault and defect management for the operational management of Rail Mounted Plant.

It facilitates authorised users to allocate resources and enable efficient utilisation against the work plan. Here are some of the key operational and business benefits of the system:

• Provides a real time planning and scheduling view for efficient utilisation against the workbank
• Incorporates fault/defect management and reporting systems.
• Provides a maintenance scheduler and work order generation functionality.
• Staff rostering is based upon a competence/skills management system and work record histories are maintained.
• Provides cost controls for spares and warranty items including a warranty tracker.
• Provides a fully auditable document control system.
• Work order records and maintenance recording and history is provided electronically with remote access.
• Ensures compliance with Rail and Engineering standards.
• Provides real-time monitoring of machine status and provides vital indication of work performance and reliability.

This coupled with a unique and powerful mapping module means you will always have visibility of where your machines, resource, and worksites are located.