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RTS Solutions

RTS Solutions has a wide range of products and technologies in the transportation sector.  We deliver real-time software to support the operational and maintenance functions in rail, metro and road sectors.

Our Software offerings form part of a suite of applications where we deliver web based solutions on Microsoft platforms utilising the latest web technology in an n-tier structure providing scalability at both database and application levels. Transaction based processing ensures that processes can be rolled back providing data integrity. There are clear APIs for integrating with existing client software whether back office functions such as finance or HR systems or other critical applications such as asset or maintenance systems

Our Software application suite are developed using common architecture
and principals:

  • A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which facilitates the development of modular business services that can be easily integrated and reused
  • Advanced web based technologies
  • Utilising intelligent infrastructures
  • Increasing use of mobile and interactive geographic technologies
  • Single master source of asset data
  • Cross functional end to end business processes
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools

In most cases, our web applications products fit over 80% of most clients needs, they are easy to configure and integrate with the client business rules and processes and typically most installation are operational within 3 months.

For details on each of the products and technologies please refer to the relevant market sectors.