RTS Solutions

WPS enables planners and managers to centrally manage and view all work taking place across the rail and metro network. It enables the safe and compliant planning of all maintenance, renewals and projects by controlling, in real-time, workbank and track access (possession) to ensure all work is carried out on time and in accordance with safety guidelines associated with Rail Network Asset Management.

Typically, operational data is locked up in multiple project plans, spread sheets and various information systems, resulting in difficulties in getting a global picture of work, making it difficult for planners to plan accurately. Furthermore, by not being able to manage resource and track access effectively, conflicts can go unnoticed causing unnecessary re-planning cycles, loss of work and the risk of degradation to safe system of work planning

WPS integrates work requests by time, date and location across a defined rail/metro network. By automatically managing [track possession orders] people and Assets, customers are able to quickly produce monthly / annual plans for work in the knowledge that any conflicts in work requests will be identified by WPS and rectified, typically without human interaction.