RTS Solutions

RVMS is a real-time web-based software application which supports all rail suppliers who provide Road-Rail mobile plant machines and resources to key projects or maintenance programmes.  RVMS software is accessible through the internet via your computer or any mobile internet device and is quick and easy to use.

RVMS provides complete visibility and real time control of all plant, resources, their availability, current location and drop off/pick up points (rail specific access point or road name).

RVMS functionality enables rail plant suppliers to forecast their future plant and associated resource utilisation and provides a view of a plant machine’s maintenance, certification and servicing requirements.  The visibility of resource data allows the plant supplier to be responsive to potential spot hire opportunities.

The software application supports haulage requirements including configurable cost tables, allowing client specific invoice creation. It ensures all road/rail plant requests are planned, ordered, resourced and monitored via a single application thereby ensuring conformity to company processes and safety obligations.

RVMS forms part of a suite of modular products and can work as a stand alone module or linked to other RTS solutions products such as: RMS, OTPS, WIMS
and EAMS