RTS Solutions

Metro infrastructure programmes are usually complex, multi-disciplined, often inter-related projects spanning the whole life cycle covering design, build and maintain.

The challenge is for management teams to easily see all aspects of these projects throughout the life cycle. RMS is a powerful, flexible and fully integrated resource management system that provides both visibility and confirmation that the work being carried out is meeting the necessary health and safety requirements. 

RMS is a real-time web-based software application, delivering programme management visibility, spanning all disciplines, required work activities and tasks.  It enables an organisation to view its engineering services progression through design, installation, construction to testing, commissioning and on-going maintenance.

RMS can be configured to support programme stage-gates, possession management, work site activities and provide management staff with dashboard alerts on key activities (red, amber, green).  Where there are concurrent projects, multiple suppliers and competing resources, RMS highlights the critical paths and
resource conflicts.

Additionally, RMS can take data feeds from different project resources, for example Primavera, Microsoft Project, or Microsoft Excel programmes into common templates.  RMS can be configured to be viewed by the client as well as any sub contractors that may be required for the duration of any project.

RMS forms part of a suite of modular products and can work as a stand alone module or linked to other RTS Solutions products such as: WIMS, OTPS, EAMS, and FMS.