RTS Solutions

The Metro Passenger Transport Executive’s are increasingly looking for ways to optimise the service, integrate systems, reduce cost ratios and ensure the correct maintenance is carried out to support the safe and effective operation of the metro system.

RTS Solutions have applied our experience gained from the national rail and road transport systems to provide streamlined versions of our applications to meet the engineering and operations requirements for metro infrastructures.  Our software applications enable the seamless integration of multi-discipline activities to support the diverse variety of urban transportation including light rail, underground, buses, trams and ferries. 

Our applications deliver solutions which minimise service disruption and maintain critical services to an environment demanding 24/7 services within a highly
populated area.

RTS Solutions application suite provides:-

Resource Management - Provides management of multiple infrastructure projects consolidating detailed project plans into a single management overview.

Asset Management - To maximise asset performance, drive down maintenance costs and meet regulatory compliance and health and safety requirements.

Safety Work Management - Provides local tactical planning and management for maintenance and engineering teams to create work forecast plans for asset maintenance work which can be performed under regulatory safety regimes.

Failure & Incident Information Management - Provides the incident information data, defect analysis, monitoring, rectification and management reporting.