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RTS Solutions

Equal Opportunities Employer

RTS solutions are an equal opportunities employer who values diversity in the workplace and is committed to treating all members of staff and applicants for employment in the same way, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, disability or religion.

Standards of Business Conduct

RTS Solutions expects all employees to behave and accept responsibility to ensure we meet  and perform to a professional standard of business conduct, acting with integrity and within the laws that affect our business.

Employees are expected to:

  • be familiar with the Standards of Business Conduct and applicable laws, and follow them at all times;
  • be sensitive to situations which could lead to inappropriate business conduct;
  • bring to the attention of RTS Solutions’ management any known or perceived unacceptable business conduct or illegal behaviour;
  • seek appropriate guidance when business conduct issues arise; and
  • always conduct any client’s business with integrity

The Standards of Business Conduct apply to all RTS Solutions’ employees and agents, wherever they are located.

RTS Solutions’ core values are the basis for our Standards of Business Conduct and form the foundation for all of the actions and decisions that we make as employees.

Credo and Core Values

Our Credo:  'If you pick the right people, focus them and treat
them well, customers will be their #1 priority.'

We are:

  • Knowledgeable
    • We understand sales, marketing, partnerships
      and channels
    • We encourage our people to continually learn and expand their knowledge
    • We make it our business to understand our
      client's business
    • We believe the only stupid question is the one that
      was not asked
  • Fair
    • We operate without prejudice
    • We promote, respect and enjoy the diversity of
      different cultures
    • We respect individuals and their views
    • We believe in fair and equitable treatment of all
    • We are honest and open in all our dealings
    • We are accountable for what we do
  • Dependable
    • We reliably deliver what we promise
    • We provide consistent quality at all times
    • We strive to not only meet, but exceed our
      client's expectations
    • We are responsive, quick to learn and adaptable
  • Professional
    • We are hardworking and conscientious
    • We are focused on results over awareness
    • We are client focused
    • We believe in ourselves and what we do
  • Pragmatic
    • We provide common-sense marketing solutions
      to our clients
    • We deliver what we promise
    • We are logical - using proven, tested solutions - but strive to innovate
    • We couple experience and innovation to create
      profitable solutions
  • People Focused
    • We are young at heart
    • We plan for the future, but have fun today
    • We nurture an informal, learning environment
    • We prioritise the team over the individual
    • We are friendly and approachable
    • We care about each other
    • We care about our clients and their needs

Adherence to the companies’  core values and standards of business conduct have always been a key to our success, inspiring trust and confidence on the part of our stakeholders; our employees; our customers and business partners.  During our day to day activities, it is important to understand the effects that our business decisions have on the company.