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RTS Solutions

RTS Solutions (“RTS” or “the Company”) is a privately owned UK company that provides software that supports the railways and metros infrastructure in the UK and Australia.

RTS supplied crucial software to infrastructure network companies, infrastructure maintenance companies and specialised subcontrating companies supporting the core of:

  • Resource Management - Provides management of multiple infrastructure projects consolidating detailed project plans into a single management overview.
  • Asset Management - Solutions to maximise asset performance (Rail Mounted Plant), drive down maintenance costs and meet regulatory compliance, health and safety requirements.
  • Safety Management - Providing Safety Planning and Possession management for all maintenance and workbank activities whilst meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Failure Management - Providing the fault analusis, monitoring and rectification process for all disciplines supporting the rail infrastructure.

RTS Solutions is committed to providing software engineering services in all these areas to enable us to fulfil our mission:

'To provide transportation on time every time'